Introduction to the MURI

Our MURI investigates the non-classical biology of excitable living systems, which enables powerful control of complex cell functions including gene expression, cell migration, and neuronal activity.

Meet the Team

Wolfgang Losert

Principal Investigator

Associate Dean for Research
Professor of Physics

University of Maryland College Park

John Fourkas

Millard Alexander Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Maryland College Park

Peter Devreotes

Isaac Morris and Lucille Elizabeth Hay Professor of Cell Biology

Johns Hopkins University

Patrick Kanold

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

Min Zhao

Professor of Dermatology

University of California Davis

Quan Qing

Professor of Physics

Arizona State University

Recent and Upcoming Meetings

Next Meeting

Biweekly Team meeting

  • Nov 12, 2021 at 2 pm

(1) updates from Cathy (Losert lab) and (2) updates from Kan (Zhao labs)